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Out of school club; 4 years – 14 years

We have a dedicated, purpose-built room that is safe and secure, with its own outdoor play area and plenty of stuff to do. The Club is open to children from 4 years to 14 years.

In Clippers, the children have more freedom to choose how they spend their time with us.

A visit to Clippers in the school holidays may find some children away on an outing or a walk with the staff, while others are busy playing football or rounders (with staff or on their own with mates), baking biscuits or doing handicrafts. Some might be dancing and singing in front of the Nintendo Wii or quietly doing their homework on the supervised internet PC. Children have access to various gaming consoles; Nintendo Wii, TV and DVD player, just like at home. But rest assured, sensitive staff encourage the children to fill their day with many different activities!

Outdoor play is important to us and we regularly use the large outdoor area next to the club. Children have the freedom to use choose to play outdoors, creating their own games or joining in with group games. Sporting activities are planned regularly.

Breakfast Club (7.45am-9am) Children concentrate and learn better when they start the day on a full stomach! Operating throughout the year, we aim to provide a healthy start to our children's school day. A continental style breakfast is served, allowing each child a choice of cereal, toast, crumpets, bagels, yoghurts and fruit to start their school day – and they can have as much as little as they want! A range of activities are also offered to occupy children whilst waiting for school. Children are then transferred to school by either ‘walking bus’ (infants) or NYCC school transport (Juniors).

Walking Bus

All children will be collected from Filey Infant & Junior schools and transported to the club via our ‘Walking Bus’ scheme, with a “driver” and “conductor” ensuring their safety. Children are briefed on road safety and wear high visibility vests which are provided. Secondary School children can walk to the club by themselves upon formal receipt of written permission from parent/carer.

After School Club (3pm-6pm)

A full range of activities are available, as well as access to the outdoor space for play. For added interest, themed activities and special events are scheduled regularly according to children's interest. Support is provided for children wishing to complete their homework and healthy snacks and drinks are provided for the children to keep them going until tea-time.

Holiday Club (7.45am-6pm)

As the name suggests, this is the school holidays version of Clippers! All the usual activities are on offer and these are supplemented by regular planned trips and interesting visitors, to ensure the children never get bored. As holiday time Clippers is VERY popular at Filey Childcare, a packed lunch will be required if your child is staying with us over the dinner time period.

If you would like to register your child with us, please call us or email to arrange the details. You will also need to complete a registration form and the nursery profile document and you can download each of these documents using the links below:

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