2 Years - 3 Years

Our highly qualified and experienced staff carry out meaningful observations as children independently choose activities and experiences. Through observation staff not only ensure a child’s needs and interests are met, but they also enhance the provision to ensure that they are able build upon what children can already do and understand.

The day is structured, but flexible; to meet the individual needs of your toddler. Indoor and outdoor experiences are planned, offering a wide variety of opportunities.

We provide children with the opportunity for hands on exploration, repetition of tasks and investigation. Physical activity and promoting healthy choices is encouraged and is an important part of early childhood that helps to aid concentration and body control.
The 2-3 year old routine encourages children to socialise with others and experience small groups as well and exploring and investigating toys and activities alone or with a supportive staff member.

We have daily movement sessions that incorporate dance and yoga.
We have a designated sleep area that have a camera in to assist with supervision. Children have their own area to sleep in with their own sheet. Children are provided with the comforts they bring from home (i.e. dummy, blankie) and are sat with until they sleep.

We encourage self-registration and have boards with photos on so children can clock themselves in and out.
Our planning cycle in each room is based upon the observations, interests and needs of each individual child.