3 months - 2 years

In order to ensure that children have the freedom to explore, investigate, rest and make choices the room has been designed to encourage independence, choice and a variety of areas. We have a specific area for non-mobile babies, and we offer a separate sensory area. We also offer different activities such as heuristic play, loose parts and soft play.

We try to follow the baby's home routine as much as possible as it helps to build trust and confidence between child and practitioner. This also includes the weaning process and our on site cook will work with you to provide age and stage development food.

We have a portable sink to wash our hands before any meal/ snack time to promote good hygiene from an early age.
Our baby room is a no shoe zone, this is to make sure that no germs are spread from the outside in, as the floor is one of our major learning environments.

We also offer nursery daily diaries to the parents and carers which gives information about their child's day at nursery. These include information about meals, snacks, sleeps, bottles and nappy changes.
Each child is assigned their own key person within the room. Children will build positive relationships and attachments to their key person and these attachments underpin all later learning and allow children to build upon the social and cultural context in which they live.

The baby room also has its own outdoor area which encourages the babies to explore a different but natural environment whilst remaining under the care and supervision of the staff.
We also have a 6 seater pushchair and we aim to have an outing in our local environment once a week.
We have a weekly dance and movement.
Our planning cycle in each room is based upon the observations, interests and needs of each individual child.