3 1/2 years - Full time school

3 1/2 years - Full time school
Our highly qualified and experienced staff create a well organised and resourced space which encourages children to become independent and learn lots of new skills. Practitioners work alongside children to develop and support their learning and development.

Quality observations form the basis of our assessments which feeds into planning. This helps create an interesting and specific curriculum for individual children. Care is taken to ensure the curriculum remains flexible and adaptable to allow children to learn at their own pace and we always make time for children to explore and re-visit activities.

In Toppers the key person supports children in developing their own learning and are provided with individually tailored ‘next steps’ to enhance learning with sensitivity and support. The daily routine, environment and positive relationships helps children to gain confidence and feel secure in their environment.

Our planning cycle in each room is based upon the observations, interests and needs of each individual child.

At Filey Childcare we aspire to provide an inclusive environment and attitude towards all children and families. If your child or family requires additional support we aim to meet these needs to our best possible ability. If your specific need is not already in place we will look at how we can implement changes to make things better. We have full wheelchair access to all rooms so adults and children can access learning environment. If other professionals are involved such as speech and language therapists, portage etc we like to be involved so we can work together with parents and carers to provide consistent care and learning for your child. We recognize that parents and carers are the most important people in children’s lives so we will always make sure you have the support needed. This can be anything from a general chat and a cup of tea to joining meetings and writing up learning plans with you. We also respect the diversity between families and are happy to follow individual needs and preferences. We also enjoy learning about differences within families so would love to know if you celebrate occasions differently, use other languages or have anything else to celebrate within your family.

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